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1. Do these products have any artificial ingredients or are they genetically modified?
No, all SW products are 100% Natural

2. Do SW products only have to be consumed by Diabetics/ Pre-diabetics?
No, SW Low GI products are good for overall wellness of the whole family. They can be consumed by anyone as it helps in sugar control, weight management, and general health.

3. Can the whole family consume SW products?
Yes, it is highly recommended that your full family shift to a low GI diet as it helps in sugar control, and weight management, with the same taste as regular rotis, rice and poha.

4. Is there a special way of cooking SW products?
No, SW rice, atta and poha should be cooked exactly the same way it’s made at home.

5. Is low GI food a cure for diabetics?
No, Low GI foods aren’t a cure for diabetics. But, they prevent blood sugar spikes and, help in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. Are SW products clinically tested?
Yes, click here for report

6. So, does regular Atta and Rice also contain sugar?
Rice and Atta contain carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are then broken down by our digestive system into sugar. Infact all foods are converted into glucose/ sugar by our body .

7. Will I see effects of Low GI diet immediately on my HbA1C levels?
Studies have shown that, on average, if one changes to a low GI diet, one can see immediate control in their sugar levels. However, if may take upto 10 weeks to see a 0.4% (Says 0.4% here and 0,5% above, please verify and make consistent) reduction in HbA1C levels. This can reduce the risk of common diabetic complications by ~20%
Source -
Research report

8. I am using Brown rice, is this better?
Yes, SW Low GI Rice has a lower GI than Brown rice (52 for SW Low GI rice vs 68 for Brown rice). Also, SW Low GI rice unlike your brown rice tastes exactly like regular white rice.
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9. I am using multigrain atta. Is SW better?
Multigrain atta can be of various types depending on the different grains used. SW 7grain Low GI atta is a proprietary recipe which has been developed after years of research and carefully choosing ingredients which are healthy for diabetics, while also assuring that the rotis taste exactly like your regular rotis. Ingredients like psyllium husk help in better digestion, while methi helps in lowering blood sugar level and controlling diabetes.

10. Can I take Low Gi rice everyday?
Yes, you can consume this rice as a part of your everyday meals

11. What should I eat SW products with ?
SW products are replacements for your regular rice, atta and poha; and can be eaten as a part of your regular meal. Ideally one should make sure that the complete meal is a low GI meal, including your staples. Register here to get low gi recipes and meal plans.